About Us

Paslode, one of seven companies that make up ITW’s North American (NA) Residential Construction Businesses, is a leading manufacturer of cordless and pneumatic nailers, staplers, and fasteners for wood to wood construction. Since the company was formed in 1935, its main focus has been on providing professional trades people with high quality fasteners and fastening tools. This focus has meant many industry firsts and innovative solutions achieving better results faster and easier.

About The Work We Do

We’ve got the fastening tool you need to get your job complete to your high standards. And, we’re constantly developing new products—based on your input. This helps us continue to make great products, so you can continue to deliver top-notch results.

Professional tradespeople have long recognized Paslode’s ability to identify and respond to emerging market trends, resulting in the design and manufacture of quality products that meet and exceed end-user expectations.

We share a common commitment to delivering excellence to our customers through:

  • Developing innovative tool and nail systems based on our customers’ specific needs
  • Fast and easy accessibility through stores located across the U.S. and online
  • Speedy repair part and service centers for long-life tool reliability and piece-of-mind

Paslode continues to be a leading domestic manufacturer of premium tool and nail fastening systems with four plants in the United States. Paslode’s US capacity is complemented by a large and global ITW manufacturing base, with fastener plants in Australia, Denmark, Canada, Malaysia, Korea, and Shanghai.

Paslode, a division of Illinois Tool Works, is a leading manufacturer of cordless and pneumatic nailers, staplers, and fasteners. Our products are widely used by professional remodelers and carpenters for framing, sheathing, trim and finish applications, fencing, floor and roof decking, siding, and insulation.


Since the company’s creation, innovation has been one of Paslode’s greatest assets and continues to bring energy and leadership to the world of fasteners and fastening tools. Above all, we listen to our customers’ needs and our products reflect that philosophy. Our fastening tools are considered standards in the industry; known for their quality and reliability.

In fact, Paslode introduced the first pneumatic fastening tool, the first pneumatic nailer, the first cordless framing nailer and the first cordless finish nailer. Paslode also leads the way in fastener technology, introducing the Wood-to-Steel™ fastening system, RounDrive® 30° paper-tape collated nails and the first corrosion-resistant fastener coating (HDG+) for treated lumber.

Today, Paslode’s latest innovations include powerful systems that consistently drive through the toughest woods – even LVL!


Paslode Offices

Paslode, a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), is a leading manufacturer and marketer of cordless and pneumatic fastening systems for construction, remodeling and industrial applications.

Our history for innovation began in 1935 with our company founder, industrialist J.W. Leslie. The Signode Steel Strapping Company was enjoying good success in the manufacture and sales of steel strapping for bundling materials and closing containers. J.W. Leslie felt a key to his company’s success was demonstrating the product. Unfortunately, the sales representatives wasted much valuable time making cold calls on prospects that might not have a need for Signode products. To solve the problem, Mr. Leslie founded a subsidiary company to market shipping room supplies, with the additional intention of opening doors and scouting potential leads for Signode representatives.

He called the company Paslode, to describe the product line: Packing, Shipping, and Loading Devices. Paslode representatives went door-to-door, identifying likely Signode prospects. The representatives of course also sold Paslode products: stapling hammers and lightweight staplers.

Paslode introduced the very first pneumatic tool — a light duty upholstery tacker — in 1959. This simple tool eventually changed the direction of the company. Paslode’s success accelerated the development of a full line of pneumatic tools. Shortly thereafter, Paslode produced the first commercially accepted pneumatic nailer, The Gun-Nailer™, providing the construction industry with a cost-efficient way to increase productivity and reduce worker fatigue.

Illinois Tool Works acquired Paslode in 1986. Paslode continued to lead the way in the evolution of power fastening with the introduction of the Impulse® nailer, the world’s first cordless power nailer offering the power of a pneumatic without hoses. Still considered the industry standard by many, the Impulse features a patented combustion motor that provides freedom from compressors and cords allowing greater safety, maneuverability and versatility.

The popularity of the Impulse framing nailer led Paslode engineers to develop yet another inventive cordless nailer in 1991, the IM250 F finish nailer. Designed for trim applications, this cordless finish nailer offered a durable yet lightweight design making it easy for use in tight spaces.

An enhanced pneumatic nailer, the PowerMaster™, was introduced in 1995. With its lightweight design and offering more power per pound than competing models, the PowerMaster defined an entirely new generation of pneumatic nailers.

Paslode developed the Wood-to-Steel™ Fastening System in 1996 to meet changes in the building materials market. Designed to secure wood sheathing to steel studs faster than screws, the tool features a patented nail design that provides better holding power than competitive nailing systems.

In addition to pneumatic and cordless nail guns, Paslode also manufactures a complete line of fasteners designed specifically for use with Paslode tools. ProStrip™ paper tape collated nails provide high holding power and ease of drive with a revolutionary designed collation tape that provides less breakage and waste, less debris on the job site, and minimizes flying debris for increased safety.

Other quality Paslode fasteners include the TLN™ (treated lumber nail), the first corrosion-resistant fastener coating for treated lumber in residential construction, and FloorGrip™ fasteners, which improve residential subfloor construction.

Through the years, Paslode has continuously expanded its line of specialty tools and fasteners. It established itself as the industry leader by addressing the needs of the residential construction, roofing and reroofing, furniture, pallet and crating, and manufactured housing industries over the years. Today, it meets the needs of the remodeler and production framer with innovative products and technologies that offer efficiency, enhanced safety, and reliability. Paslode’s latest innovations include powerful performers that consistently drive through the toughest woods – even LVL. Cordless Fuel Cell systems ensure workers never run out of fuel or nails, keeping job sites productive. And lighter weight, yet powerful tools are easy on the arms for all-day comfort.